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I am Krishna, welcome and thank you for stopping by. I am a personal chef, caterer, cooking instructor and an amateur photographer.

This is where I’ll share recipes I make. Ingredients and cuisines are my main forms of inspirations. An ingredient in my pantry or fridge is often the reason I flip through cookbooks, blogs and websites in search of unique recipes. You will also find dishes from wide range of cultures from around the world. This is partly due to my husband’s love of variety in food. We try numerous (new) recipes before repeating our favorites. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

I cook from scratch regularly using ingredients that are easy to find in any food market. In a pinch, I substitute or omit ingredients if I don’t have something on hand. You will read about the adaptations and the results.

In a world filled with fads and diets we don’t follow any particular lifestyle. We eat everything in moderation. I am partially vegetarian which means I consume less meat but I don’t expect the same from my meat-loving husband. Cooking is my livelihood, so I use processed foods sparingly in my kitchen.  Other than canned tomatoes, frozen vegetables, occasional pasta and few sauces (i.e. hoisin and sriracha) I try to use freshest of ingredients. This is a choice I’ve made for our home based in part on nutritional information and because I genuinely enjoy cooking from scratch.

I hope my recipes inspire you to make them and I look forward to your feedback on facebook or instagram. If you want me to create them for you and your family, you can contact me.

I believe cooking doesn’t have to be complicated and food doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect, just balanced and delicious. Enjoying food is the most basic form of comfort. And gathering with others for a homemade, nourishing meal that fills our stomachs and our hearts is happiness.

I was born in India and have lived in 7 different cities. Pursuing my passion has been the greatest gift to myself. I love cooking (for others), so much so that I always want to invite guests. I am married to an Indian (nomad); he likes moving often and living in new places. Together we have lived in two countries, three cities and counting… He is the taste-tester for everything I make.

We live in the South and are amazed by the abundance of food diversity, including restaurants, markets and people of many cultures.

local Green Eats is my personal chef and catering business. I also offer cooking classes. local Green Eats’ philosophy is to create memorable, healthy meals for people to enjoy together.

If you want to get in touch I can be reached through my contact page or you can email me directly. You can also follow me on facebook and instagram.

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